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Inside Out

Naomi Rosen is one of our timeless, contemporary and outsider artists. She renders her perception of what is real in startling and often thought provoking creations.

Born in New York to Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivors, Naomi pursued her education in New York, Israel and Maryland. Her art education includes the School of Visual Arts and Bowie State University, along with six years of study and travel in Italy, England and Israel. While in Italy and England she worked as a potter, continuing her studies of different mediums and textures.

The first body of Ms. Rosenís artwork to receive recognition was the stark and moving Holocaust related pen and ink drawings. This period was followed by capturing the essence of tradition as exemplified in her colorful and spirited Judaica paintings.

After moving to Florida, Naomiís work was influenced by jazz music and the rich, multicultural environment in which she lived. This was conveyed in a series of black and white pieces drawn with a knife on foam board. Naomiís relocation to New Mexico ensued with the creation of the Resilience & Dignity series; portraits in acrylic and collage on wood and canvas. She delves into universal emotion through her use of vivid colors and blatant expression. Soon embraced by the wide open landscape, she was ultimately influenced, and continues to evolve within her intense abstract paintings.

Naomi's art has been exhibited and collected widely. Presently she resides in Texas with her husband Bob and their dog Max, also known as Yoda.

"There is law and there is justice"
Robert Emrich


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